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THE TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT The Science and Art of Textual Criticism by Don Wilkins and Edward D. Andrews

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  • Paperback: 599 pages
  • Publisher: Christian Publishing House ( May 04, 2017 )
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1-945757-44-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-945757-44-0
  • Product Dimensions: 6" x 9"

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Book Description

THE TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT (TTNT) is an introduction, intermediate and advanced level coverage of the text of the NewTestament. Andrews introduces the new and relatively new reader to this subject in the first few chapters of TTNT. Andrews deepens his handling of the material, while still making it easy to understand in the next few chaptersof TTNT, all the while being very informative in both sections. All of this prepares the reader for the advanced chapters that come from Wilkins.

THE TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT was copied andrecopied by hand for 1,500 years. Regardless of those scribes who had workedvery hard to be faithful in their copying, errors crept into the text. How canwe be confident that what we have today is the Word of God? Wilkins and Andrewsoffer the reader an account of the copying by hand and transmission of theGreek New Testament. They present a comprehensive survey of the manuscripthistory from the penning of the 27 New Testament books to the current criticaltexts. What did the ancient books look like and how were documents written? Howwere the New Testament books published? Who would use secretaries? Why was itso hard to be a secretary in the first century? How was such work done? What dowe know about the early Christian copyists? What were the scribal habits andtendencies? Is it possible to establish the original text of the NewTestament?

How do paleographers date the ancient manuscripts? How hasthe Greek New Testament text come down to us? How did textual variations andmanuscript families arise? Just how many textual variants are there and how arethey to be counted? What guarantee do we have as to the reliability of theGreek text? What are the principles and rules of textual criticism and how arethey to be applied, so that we can get back the original reading? What are thecollation and classification of manuscripts? What is the Coherence-BasedGenealogical Method (CBGM) and can it be trusted? How reliable are our master(critical) Greek texts of the New Testament (WH/NA28/UBS5)? Why can we beconfident that the literal translations (ASV / RSV / NASB / UASV) are providingfor its readers the faithful Word of God? Their work on THE TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMEN T is carried out with an apologetical mindset, to assist Christians intheir defense of God's Word.


DON WILKINS : B.A. UC Irvine, M.Div. Talbot Seminary

Th.M. Talbot Seminary, M.A. UCLA, Ph.D. UCLA, He has worked with The Lockman Foundation (TLF) as a translator since 1992, Worked on the NASB. Senior Translator for the New American Standard Bible.

EDWARD D. ANDREWS (AS in Criminal Justice, BS in Religion, MA in Biblical Studies, and MDiv in Theology) is CEO and President of Christian Publishing House. He has authored fifty-five books and coauthored and updated and expanded five books, as well as over 200 articles. He is the chief translator of the Updated American Standard Version.

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